The Path of the Warrior

This Memorial Day, take a moment to remember what the day is about and what (and who) it honors. Originally called Decoration Day, it is dedicated to the honor and […]

8 Tips For Preparing for a Mortgage

  Are all the headlines about “once-in-a-lifetime” mortgage rates tempting you to buy a house or refinance? Here are 8 steps you should take before you start the loan process […]

Pros and Cons of HOA

Are you missing out on your dream home because it’s located in a neighborhood with an HOA? (Homeowners Association) There are some pros and cons to having an HOA, but […]

Don’t Be a “Stupid Motorist”!

As Arizona residents, we welcome monsoon season with the hope that we’ll have a few days with breaks from triple digits, refreshing rain and the occasional light show that is […]

Arizona Real Estate Statistics November 2012

The real estate market trends in Arizona show prices trending upward from last year. In November alone, from 2011 to 2012 shows an almost 32%  increase in the  monthly average […]