Energy Efficient Homes Who Says It’s Not Easy Being Green?

Two things often come to mind when we talk about “going green”.  First, the sense of responsibility you feel to move in that direction, and then the inevitable “How much is THIS going to cost me?”.   The economic downturn and turbulence in the housing market has most likely changed the way you think. Whether you have discovered the new  fad of “extreme couponing” or decided some things you thought were a necessity are not, the economy has most likely prepared you  better for the future even if you weathered the storm well. Worried that a “green home” is too expensive to consider? Check out what Meritage Homes has to offer in the community of Province in Maricopa.  Meritage Homes recently built 45 green homes in Province. The Meritage homes come with a variety of features that include more than just the standard energy efficient options. Among the most  unique and cost saving are programmable thermostats with zone controls. Why cool an unoccupied area or room? This feature allows you to program energy to be concentrated in only the occupied areas of the house. The heating and air-conditioning system can yield a cooler home at about half the cost of older units. Installed on the roofs of the homes are panels with photovoltaic cells that generate electricity. One of these homes is estimated to use 70 to 80% less energy than a standard code-built home as a result of these features. That’s money in the bank! Prices for 1,172 to 2,419-square foot energy-efficient homes range from $122,900 to $214,900. So if you are like many of us who thought this type of option was appealing, but unaffordable—these homes will change your mind!  If you are looking for a home for sale in Maricopa in an active adult community—don’t miss out on these.

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