27th Annual Ostrich Festival is on the way! Get your head out of the sand and go have some fun.

Not that into ostriches? That’s okay. If you thought that the 27th Annual Ostrich Festival held in Chandler was just about the giant flightless bird that can run up to 45 mph while a jockey tries to hold on for dear life; you wouldn’t be the only one. 2015 will make the 27th year in a row. They’ve been doing this for 26 years? Yes. The Ostrich Races are just a small part of what makes up this amazing festival with something for everyone from the daredevil to the history buff.

Of course, with any festival, there should be rides. This holds true with the 27th Annual Ostrich Festival too.there is a midway with 50 exciting rides, but for the more adventurous, step into a flight simulator or get right to it with a freefall with FreeDrop USA. Want to land somewhere in between? Try the bungee trampoline. Not a daredevil? That’s fine. Watch someone else take the risks and sit back and be amazed. The Texas Thrill Show is a combination of Evil Knievel and Cirque du Soleil. Ever wondered what it was like for your pet hamster as they pedaled along in their hamster ball? Experience it for yourself in the water balls situated on a large pool.

If you’re a fan of the animals, there is a wide variety to please every taste. Las Vegas comes to you in the form of The BIRDMAN® who will amaze you with a close up look at amazing birds in a free flying demonstration. Do big cats capture your attention? Tiger Talks gives you the opportunity to see these powerful animals and how they interact with their trainers. Take a pony or camel ride. Prefer something more fluffy and tame? Join in the duck races and see how fast your Mallard can go!

Take a break and sit down at one of the various shows including the Family Magic Show, an interactive show that might end up with you on the stage participating and also featuring a very famous parrot. Get into a little competition with the Survivor Family Show, another interactive show where people compete and the audience votes on your fate. Take in a little history with a tour of the McCroskey House, a catalogue order home from 1917. The BIRDMAN® won’t be the only famous person here. Laura Marano of Disney Channel’s Austin & Ally will be having a meet and greet on Sunday, March 15 from 11 am-4 pm.

The 27th Annual Ostrich Festival will begin on Friday March 13 and go through Sunday March 15. See all the details here. Want a discount? Locate your nearest Fry’s here to get your tickets.