Contract to Close

After we have an accepted offer, the offer and accompanying documents will be sent to title so that escrow may be opened and to the buyer’s lender if the buyer is getting a loan. The buyer has 10 days to complete an inspection and ask you for repairs. We will have 5 days to review the requested repairs with you and discuss estimated costs for the requested repairs. You may agree to complete all of the requested repairs or only some of the repairs or none of the repairs. The buyer then has 5 days to agree to your response or walk away. During this time, if the buyer is getting a loan, an appraisal will be ordered. While we are finalizing the repair requests, we will also be working with the buyer and their agent to make sure they are performing within the terms of the contract including staying in touch with the buyer’s lender to make sure the loan is progressing on time. It is our job to make this process as smooth as possible for you. As we get closer to the close of escrow, we will review the estimated settlement statement to make sure it is accurate and schedule your signing with title. On the day of closing, title will send the deed to record and once recorded they will cut you a check for your proceeds and the buyer will receive their keys to the house.